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Fight monkey of Magic nears completion. AI still a work in progress

Artificial intelligence is hard to perfect. (Have you heard that before?)

Jesse Demarco, Blogger

November 13, 2009

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Well creating my first game has been quite a journey. With "Fight Monkey of Magic" finally reaching a stable and very playable stage of development, the monumental task of finely polished artificial intelligence still looms large in my mind. Creating enemies that play just the right level of difficulty is much more difficult than I imagined it would be.

 Right now I am faced by some characters that are near unbeatable, while some of the early characters can be served quite easily once you figure out their tricks. As a game player, I prefer AI that is tough rather than easy and predictable, and I have programmed that way for this title. I guess my biggest fear is an unavoidable one. "Whats up with the AI!?." No level of AI will satisfy every gamer. There will always be someone that feels the game is too hard, and some that will think it was a cakewalk. Hopefully I will be able to strike a level of game play that will make the user forget about AI altogether. We will see.

  For those interested in the aesthetics, here is my first stab at a trailer.



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