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Experienced Programmer new to Game Dev

Gamasutra blogs, now what could be cooler than the timing of this with me diving into game dev. A long time C# programmer looking to get the basics down and then move into some serious C++.

Marc Miles, Blogger

March 6, 2009

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I've been doing C# for some time now, since the 1.1 framework.  While I have been building business apps during the day, at night I've toyed with Unreal Script as well as level design with Serious Sam.  You can see my level that had a top review by 3D ActionPlanet (those were good times).

Anyway, I thought I would share my progress here.  I have a tetris clone written in C++ that I got form GameDev.net and compiled in VS 2008.  I want to improve on it and build it within MS XNA.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I'm self taught (except two C++ courses from the UW in 2002).  I've been a geek since I was a kid.  Moving around too much never allowed me to finish my undergrad.  

So, while working on my undergrad and graduate degrees from the UW in Comp Sci I will be working on the following list, and, posting every line of code right here.  

  1. Write some basic games and demos for about 6 months or slightly more using MS XNA. This will allow me to learn the basics of gamedev, game logic and maybe 3D space.
    GOAL: Learn the basics of game dev, (graphics, game loops, ai, animation etc)

  2. Create some games for about 1 year or more in c++.  The area of focus will most likely be AI or something else that I may fall in love with.
    GOAL: Go through the growing pains of re learning C++ well enough were one would be comfortable putting it on a resume, and specifically c++ for game dev.

  3. Continue to create games/sims in C++ and focus on the using higher math and more complex use of C++. 
    GOAL: Fine tune my specialty...

For a good read in the GameDev.net forums as to why I choose this route go ahead and read this thread on "Why C# XNA When Everyone Wants C++"

Stay tuned for more.

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