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Developing Open World/Decision Driven Games

Writing a diploma thesis about Developing Open World/Decision Driven Games

Patrick Hoedl, Blogger

May 18, 2011

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I'm currently studying quantm Game Design at SAE Vienna and working on a diploma thesis about developing Open World and Decision Driven Games (such as Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Gothic, Risen, Fallout etc.).
Now it is hard to find literature and information about that. Main aspects of this thesis will be:
-History of open world games
-Pros and Cons of Open World and on-rail games
-Why most games are designed as on-rail games rather than open world
-Problems you face developing an open world game (programming, design)

I'm just starting with the thesis, so there are many more topics to come.
I hope, that you could give me some information about those topics or those you find fitting. I'd also be glad, if you could give me some advice on where to look for information and literature.

I'm thankfull for every advice I get, the more, the better.
Patrick Hödl

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