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Dead of the dead - Play a zombi!

"Dead of the Dead" is an Action-Reflection Zombie-simulation game

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March 24, 2014

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"Dead of the Dead" is an Action-Reflection Zombie-simulation game 

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"Dead of the dead" is the subtile mix between reflexion/action and survival mechanisms allowing you to choose the way you want to play whenever you want (infiltration, action, destruction ,,, ) in a post apocalyptic world full of allusions and references to movies, shows cartoons an games of the same kind. 

You dream of being in the shoes of a zombie, don't you ? 

If you do, you are a bit strange, but your dream finally becomes real with Dead of the dead ! 

As any good Zombie, you don't have any memories of your past . 
Your only reason to live : to eat and to proliferating ( Speack of a dream life !) 

Here you are, ready to break out with your starving hord in the heart of the city .In order to appease your hunger for brains, there is surely something that can drive you forward . 
Let's go and find it ! 

"Dead of the dead" can be played in "touch", mouse or controler with a gameplay reduce to the essencials in order to be able to understand instinctively how to proceed . 

- Strike your ennemies, catch them or use elements of the backgrounds to get out from the most delicate situations. 

- Increase your capacities to interact or be stronger , quicker, more intelligent. Increase your number or even transform yourself into an invulnerable berzerker for a short duration. 

- To catch a human, you only have to aim at him . Once the target is taken you will have to perform a little "Quick Time event (QTE)" 

If everything goes well you 'll have the choice between : 

- BRAIN eating brain...THAT you know how to ! 

It will be the first possible action when you catch a human ... But eating brains isn't totally for fun. It will give you the possibility to interact with elements from the surroundings for a short time (this is indicated on the top left corner of the screen, with an icon showing the remaining time you have before the controlling effect stops ! ) 

-STEAK: You're Hungry ... so hungry ... 

After a small brain, let's go to the main dish ! By Selecting "Steak" you will be able to enjoy the delicacies of the entire body of the selected human.As a consequence you will receive a chop. These will be the symbols of your life points, but will also enable you to increase the level of the "Berzerk" gauge. Once it's available, select it : it will make you quicker, voracious and invulnerable for a short duration ! 

-HORDE: nobody likes to stay alone ! 

Here you are, ready to become the Boss ! 
Now you can convert a human by selectioning the icon "Horde" As the leader you will be able to order your flunkies to attack or move ( or even sacrifice themselves ^^ ) 

The game is taking place in different environments, borrowed from references of the same sort. You will be able to see mythical places once again, reinterpreted for the occasion ! 

The project goes futher ahead taking its inspiration directly fom the web and the video games culture, while making fun of the cliches of horror movies at the same time.

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