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Looking for someone to teach me DarkBasic Professionalhttp://jrars.bravesites.com/Projects

John Andrade, Blogger

July 29, 2011

1 Min Read

I new to creating games and I want to create a Rock Band Type game for PC I got the idea from playing a Clone of Rock Band/Guitar Hero called Frets On Fire, but what I want to create is a real PC verision of Rock Band and Guitar Hero that has a career mode which the Frets On Fire one doesn't have the FoF community makes mods for the game, but none of them can seem to make a proper career mode. That is why I want to make this type of game, but the main reason I want to make this game is because I like music and I think that by making this type of game I can get kids to like music as much as I do, plus I really like video games. So I am looking for someone who can teach me DarkBasic Pro so I can make this game.

I am also looking for a team to help make the game no payment will be paid to anyone who helps, but they will get credit where credit is dueto them on whatever they helped out on in the game making process, to learn more about about the game go to  http://jrars.bravesites.com/Projects 

When you appy to help please enter all information asked for.

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