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Sure I'm learning how to do it, but with the scarcity of internships, what are my other options?

Luke Davenport, Blogger

June 15, 2010

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Hello and welcome to MyBlog 1.0,

Upon starting my tertiarystudies i have quickly found through a deeper research ofthe area that the industry is just as cut-throat as it seems from all the doomday preachers outside. looking at all the big firms in the game development industry you see the elaborate flash banners and all the jazz for the latest product they will be pushing out the door and right in the corner you see the carreers/jobs/cotact tab. click.

Taking a look around i see either an extravagant list of jobs which i am unbelievably under qualified for, or a polite message about how they are currently not in need of any outside assistance. hmmm. starting to get worried.. no internships tab, and when targeted digging starts an even more impresive void appears.

 And like a knight in shining armour out comes Gamastra and some more internship searching confirms my fears of such an internship defeciet. *thinking face*.

After having the tiniest little winge to myself i started looking around and seeing what else was on this site and i found a blog post from someone Related to Miner Wars. No need to go so much into the details of the game,  but it was the fact that an independant house was opening its doors to a community and asking for involvment, and the community backing the game on the website's forum are active, enthisiastic creative and technically gifted. 

so at the moment i find myself deeply interested in this new little game that is relatively unheard of and i find myself frequently thinking about ideas and concepts that would be cool in this game. I like it. I like it a lot. This is the feeling i want to have. This is where i want to be. In Game Development.

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