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BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 119

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND... The Last Robot is still Standing.

Andre La Barre

July 19, 2009

4 Min Read

Lately, BYOND has been seeing a lot of small updates with the promise of larger features on the way.  One of the fixes in the last update removed an error which denied people who were trying to log into the pager.  While it affected very few people, I keep envisioning a scenario where Tech Tree actually convinced someone to give BYOND a try just to be barred from entering.  Feel free to ease my concerns by downloading the latest version.


Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild run by volunteers on a game/development portal and software engine called BYOND.  Those curious about notes or YouTube videos I've cut out can view the original version.

  • DDT's Wiz-War-inspired boardgame, Last Robot Standing, is again listed and featured in BYOND Strategy. After a long reign as a BYOND favorite, the game began to suffer from graphical issues which prevented people from viewing the board well enough to play. According to Tom Hehre, owner of BYOND:

    That turned out to be an incompatibility with the "big icons" used in LRS due to the change from [BYOND] 3.5 to 4.0. It wasn't noticed until late on because we didn't update the machine hosting LRS to 4.0 until quite a bit after the release.

    The game seems to be in better condition, but a player named Kuraudo has pointed out that carried power supplies and shrunken robots become invisible in at least some BYOND clients. I have not seen the glitches myself so I'll keep it in the featured list for now and the game will stay in the guild as long as people are able to play.

  • After a week of no ownership complaints, XodinBlood's Godship: Age of Black-|-White has been accepted into the guild. (A previous version listed under the key Fat Albert was removed by the developer and the game itself appears to be a in a gray area of young people passing around their code.)  Godship is a game of worshipers and gods. The god position plays like an RTS. I don't know the mechanics of the worshipers. I do know that Godship saw some updates this week. Granted, the only change I noticed was the login screen.

  • A little bird in my pager told me that the competative defense game Efencea is not going to see many more updates, but I didn't expect much more than balance and bug fixes. That said, I have been curious about what the team members are up to. With the talented Tayoko busy elsewhere, the game's programmer, Vermolius, has been creating his own art for an unknown project. Me likey... It's going to BYOND RPG instead, isn't it?

  • D4RK3 54B3R is working on his empire-building game, Conquest, again. I was getting nervous since the last time I saw it mentioned was in February. This time, he appears to be focusing on the graphics. Hopefully, there will be a game in there soon. =)

  • Gamemakingdude is working on a card game inspired by Urban Rivals.  I keep saying that I want a pure card game in the guild and the ones I find out about are never finished.  Often, I'm a little nervous about how the special abilities are being implemented by developers working on their first projects. For my own hybrid card games, I favor using some sort of event library so that I can reuse and reorder code... Granted, Gamemakingdude appears to be smart enough to avoid programming each card separately and his interpreter could allow more flexability than I'm envisioning.

  • Xuiryus released a sample of isometric pixel art that he claims is an RTS-style Anti-Matter Power Plant. I'm just hoping that there's an RTS-style game to go with it. (I'm also standing by my comment that amateur artists doing game development should avoid pixel art when there are more efficient methods available.)

  • I've finished most of the basic battle phase commands for my daemonic wargame, Flesh And Drone. Next up are spells and a HUD for unit comparisons.

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