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Learn how to make a game app like a pro. This 5-step process with help you break down the complex process.

Herbert Llanas, Blogger

September 5, 2017

4 Min Read

Everyday people download game apps on their smart phone. The app developers make millions of dollars for these downloads. For example, the game Angry Birds by Rovio is one of the most addictive games and has grossed over a billion dollars. There are numerous spin offs for the original game and even adults are addicted to it. Clash of Clans is also a huge hit game Supercell which has taken the world by a storm. So if you are interested in making a billion-dollar game like Angry Birds, Clash of Clans or any other game in the appstore or playstore this article will be very useful.

1. Market Research

Market research is very important before you create a new game. Firstly, it is important so that you have not copied others ideas directly. You can use others ideas in order to create the best game ever. If you are a played a lot of games it would be easier to mix ideas to create your game. However, if you have an original idea it is good for the other players and for the business. The gaming idea you have should be really simple. This is vital if you are targeting for a mass market. You should then think about the type of game that you are going to be creating. Be sure only to take ideas and not an exact copy of the game. For example, do not replace the birds in Angry Birds by a monkey or a goat.

People won’t play an exact copy of the hit game. Once you have selected a certain game the game mechanics and gameplay have to be studied in other game so you can create your game. This is should be learnt in order to make the levels of you game. As you have played some games related to what you are going to design you know by now how many levels are needed before the game is going to be boring. In order to reduce the boringness of the game you can add fun subplots, good graphics, player tutorials and gameplay map where players can view their progress. You should also pay attention to how to promote social sharing. You can learn about others views on the existing games by reading the reviews and rating section. It should be first step to promote your game.

2. Understand the Technical Steps

Now you have a clear idea on what you are going to build but you still have no idea how you are going to build it. These technical steps will help you build the next billion-dollar game. First thing is first you have to know that you do not always have to do the work alone by studying all the coding techniques. If you have something that you are not familiar with there are programmers on the internet who will do that pieces of coding for you for a fee. These people can be found in any freelance site but make sure you check their reviews.

The game design does not have to start from scratch. You can always borrow the blueprints of the app. This is how many developers do it. Then you can make a wireframe of the game that you are going to make. You can use tolls like POP, Mockability, Blueprint, Prototypes and App Cooker to make a wireframe. Then it is time to enter the design. If you have trouble with designing, you can outsource it or you can use the tool Swift to design it yourself. Then you should do a simulation on your smart-phone and test for bugs so you can make a clean game.

3. Registering as a Developer

Then you should register yourself as a developer. This is mostly need for the apple users since there are some security checkups in apple in order to put your app on the appstore. This registration is free. For android users the process is very simple where you only have to Google Play Developer Console and upload the APK of the developed game.

4. Find a Support Community

This cannot be considered as a technical step but you should find a support group to avoid the hurdles that come your way. There are various developer forums that are there to help you. Also find some game developers for helping you.

5. Action Checklist

  • This is a quick summary of what I have explained above

  • Research about different game types and select a game base which you can apply your original idea.

  • Review about those games by playing them and reading the reviews and ratings given in the appstore or playstore.

  • Develop the game by using the blueprints, building a wireframe and applying the designs.

  • Upload the game onto the appstore or playstore by registering.

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