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2D Arena Fight - prototype

Presentation HTML5 arena fighting game made in Geewa Hackaton 2013. Playable prototype version multiplayer, competetive fight game for two players. Http://chleba.org/arenafight

Lukas Franek

February 12, 2013

2 Min Read

Hey guys,

I want to put in here some of my creation wich i made since last few years. In this, first one, i will put in here some very early game what i made on weekend in Geewa Hackaton 2013. I was able to do this only because of great atmosphere wich are doing my colleagues from Geewa :)

Playable version can be found on Http://chleba.org/arenafight

Fighting system is like system in the game Dark souls. I like it very much. That system is based on stamina. Stamina can be lowered very easly and his refilling takes some time. In this case every your attack or blocked attack taking you some stamina. If you are blocking stamina stop refilling so when your stamina is on zero, you need to run.

This prototype covers only that figting system and work on that will be continued when i will have some time to do that.

Works great on ipad btw. but you need to have iOS 6+ cause of websockets.

Yeah and now we getting to the technical point. This game is writen in javascript, completely. Server side is based on nodejs and server itself taking care only for managing messages. For websockets on nodejs is used websocket.io library. Players is paired by the first player found without oponent. ( invitations are on the way )

For client side rendering is used canvas. If you are asking about some sort of HTML5 framework / engine then then i will answer - i'm using my own. I know it's a waste of time but i want to do that ... just for that fun creating it :)

Article about my framework will be in some other article. I'we been embarising myself enough already. So i would be glad for some critics, ideas or anything ... and i will be double glad for some animator who will be able help me with that.

Have fun and sorry about my written english.


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