10 Game Development Projects To Work in 2017

For beginners in game development, generating new game idea is a bit challenging, especially for those who not up-to-date on current top game categories. What game development projects should you work?

Game is part of everyday-life but the types of game people play keep taking new turns over the course of time. That means, if you develop a game that the patronage is waning, your career might be taking a nosedive this 2017. In this article, we are going to be discussing some game development projects for beginners to work this year.

For beginners in programming, generating new game idea is a bit challenging, especially for those who not up-to-date on current top game categories. What game development projects should you work?

Consider developing any of the following games:

1. Sudoku Game

Recent trend in game development shows that people are shifting game habits from mere fun to lesson programmes.

According to IQ Experts playing Sudoku helps to improve your intellect in a unique way. Another reason you should develop this type of game this 2017 is that it has both Mobile App and On-the-web versions. Getting Sudoku game developed can be simple if you have experts programmers teach you the fundamentals of the game by showing you directly how to do it.

2. Crosswords Game

One of the first things you get to learn as a game developer is the same lesson that all manufacturers teach, ‘products are not for producers, they are for consumers’ or what you may call users. Everyone wants to choose what they want, in Crosswords game you get to choose the best topic you would like to play. There are new things you might learn about developing Crosswords games from some videos on game development.

3. Role Playing Game

The beauty of playing a game sometimes is a feeling of being in the game. What role playing games do is to let the human player assume a character in the game. Not everyone wants to tell the story of a game they played, most people would love to be the story of the game. Hence, it would pay a lot to develop games that the players are participants in the game.

Check out Phanxgames from US who is working on a 2D RPG game.

4. Client-Server Game

Client-Server Multiplier game is one of the recently broken grounds in the ‘games world’. Games are growing beyond mere pleasures to business and internet games have made headway in this regard. One of the categories of games that will stand out this 2017 is the Client-Server multiplier game. It accommodates more than one player at a given time each player’s side is modulated by the server.

This makes it possible that one person’s slow or bad internet connection does not affect the game of another unlike most other types of internet games. Developing a Client-Server network may be a bit tedious but quite achievable if you watch experts as they progress in developing the game.

5. TextTwist Game

As pointed out above, brain games are some of the most popular game categories, and you should work on one in 2017. TextTwist is a good example of a game that improves your intellect by having you work with letters and words.

6. Mars Mission Game

Adventure games have one of the best ratings in 2016, and there are new features in mars mission games that interest players. Developing such a game will yield tremendous results to you as a game developer because of the lessons and engagement that are always contained in Mission games, especially, Mars Mission Game.

You can make your Mars Mission Game better by learning specific movements from expert coders while they are doing what they know how to do best - coding.

7. Card Game

Card game is traditionally a two-player game. The players may be two individuals or sometimes, the second player may be built into the software. You can make your own card games at ease or hire expert game developers to get one ready for you within the shortest possible time.

8. Maths Puzle Board Game

If you develop a Maths Puzzle Board Game, you are likely to get atop with great conversions. The reason is simple, Maths Puzzle Board Game is invariably what everyone has played or will play at one point or another. Secondly, the game knows no bound, there are different versions of it and you can develop any for any category or class of persons, children or adults.

9. Jewel Game

Jewel game is a type of block match puzzle game, you develop it using different signs, symbols and shapes. This type of game is easy to learn and play, it is also suitable for all ages. Interestingly, jewel game is just one of the few types of games that permit offline play.

All of this rare features of the different game categories mentioned above are what you can easily learn if you have not been developing them, LiveEdu provides easy-to-follow lesson videos for you to get a practical knowledge of the special skills needed for game development.

10. Social Network Game

With the increasing use of Social Networks for various purposes, gaming has also found its way into the arena and it is a fertile land filled with opportunities for game developers to look into in 2017.

Network Games can be implemented as a Browser game or in consonance with Social Network Managers. So, if you haven’t been thinking about it, take steps to learn the special features and how to develop Social Network Games.

Which of these game development projects are you interested in undertaking in 2017?

You may not agree with us on the above games, that’s fine, tell us what you think! If you have any game or a list of games to add, or probably think a certain game shouldn’t be on the list. Share your thoughts with us at the comments section below. If this article was helpful to you, you may share it and extend the opportunity to others.



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