WAR BOXES: When game is but a life and every man but a…tank

When you work on a huge RPG project for months and then suddenly release an Action game with vehicles - you may start to value your metal heroes like a human beings. So let me introduce you our game 'characters' - the tanks.

I’m Victoria from Game Mechanics, russian small indie team. December the 7, 2015 we've released our first mobile platform game – WAR BOXES. In my opinion every game it's a whole new story – of project, of people, of finding friends and of building character. Game is free in Google Play and absolutely free to play, so suit yourself to meet its heroes.
Let me introduce you the tanks.

1. Red-and-Yellow Guy (but I’d call it “Newbie”).
This is your very first tank. Born the first, so it’s the brightest one, as it should be. It’s the center of the lead art, the game icon, it is everywhere! It used to draw attention. As a developer I feel something special to it. But as a player I would recommend to try another one, 'cause although it looks fancy, Red-and-Yellow has average stats and tells you almost nothing about gameplay possibilities.


2. The Violet.
“It was named after its colour!” – you may suppose and unfortunately will be wrong. Long story short, one of our team members met a girl with that name once… Intrigued? Sorry, as I said already long story short.
About Violet’ stats (the tank!): it’s one of the favorite vehicles among our players. Nice speed, enough damage for bringing troubles to your enemy. If you’re fast enough, you’ll drag yourself out of these problems, staying in one piece (hp = 25).


3. TOG-2
One with a real historical prototype. After some voxelizing, it is able to crush your enemies in the most indelicate manner. Incredible toughness mixed with pleasant attack speed, so you could throw a hot rocket shower upon your opponent. The weak point is slow movement speed: nothing stops your enemy from cowardly retreat (except the pride, of course).


4. Sheep Wagon
What?! It’s not a tank. It’s a truck. With sheeps in its box! And with the huge gun on the board! Cross the battlefield on the truck full of bleating sheeps it’s a pure madness, so why not? This is your chance!
This vehicle will provide you with the good movement and attack speed, but try not to take any shots. The first taken damage could be your last.


5. The Flying One
We just didn’t know how to name it, really. This tank still can’t fly (because tanks usually don’t), but it doesn’t touch the ground with its voxelized tracks. Track platform kinda dances under its turret. So we may call this futuristic guy “flying”. The stats of it are really not my type (check the screenshot), but a daring one can do some crazy things with this little monster.


6. The Pinky
I have to confess, this is my favorite one. Not 'cause of the color only: it really helps to look different on the battlefield. Most of our players are male, so almost nobody chooses The Pinky. It is such a pleasure to be unique! The stats of this baby look average, but if you’re a girl, who wanna join your boyfriend in the tank game – that is the cute way!

There we have it for now. We have more than 50 tanks in the game, so if you liked this short introduction and want some more – feel free to leave the comment under the page!

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