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VR today and what might happen

Some of my findings after reading chapter one of "Entering the Metaverse: A Guide to Joining the Virtual Reality Industry Entering the Metaverse: A Guide to Joining the Virtual Reality Industry" by Liv Erickson

Christopher Guzman

January 19, 2017

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I found the first section of the reading to be the most interesting for me because I always knew that there were different VR devices but I never knew the specifics of any of them other than who they were made by. Another part of this section that I thought was interesting was the Future paragraph because it made me realize what the evolution of VR is going to be mostly consisting of.

The aspect that will have the most impact on my project is optimizing games for different platforms because they all have different processing power. 

This reading applies to me because at one point I will be making VR games and ill need to know how to optimize my art so that the player will perceive it as realistic yet without impacting frame rate. As an artist ill also need to learn some tricks that will cause perspective illusions for the wearer. 

I think that the most important takeaway from this section is to remember that VR and AR technologies are still very new and are far from what they may in 20 years from now. I would compare VR/AR today to the Atari, Dreamcast and Supernintendo, its a new technology that people are excited and somewhat skeptical about and there are still some bugs that are being worked out to reduce lagg and motion sickness. However if companies and developers invest as much time into VR as they did into making consoles what they are today then there is a very bright future for VR technologies. 

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