UAT Game Studios Crunch Time

This weeks blog emphasizes on finishing up my experience as a UAT Game Studios producer.

Another week has passed and the UAT Game Studios team is now in “Crunch Mode.” The team heads into their final week of production and the dedication, discipline and persistence has surfaced throughout each contributor. The motivated team of artists, programmers and designers have continued to show great strength during this time of duress.

As we continue to get the game market ready, the team is focusing on extensive gameplay features that allow the player to engage in exploration and boss levels. Since the game is narrative driven, we want to immediately have the player drawn into the games storyline and play a major role in helping the protagonist problem solve through each event she encounters.

This attempt will invite our game designers to show off their skill set by encouraging the player to want more or as I like to call it, “leave them in suspense”. This motivating factor can be done by educating the player with simple gameplay mechanics such as attack, block, power-ups and basic navigation movements. Each new found ability can be performed throughout the levels where the player can perform the task and be rewarded with additional clues or abilities to help progress in the game.

The first level is the most crucial and challenging levels of all. We want to focus on engaging the player by demonstrating a good balance of risk vs reward. Essentially it’ll be a tutorial level that educates the player on what he or she can or cannot do. The more obstacles the player encounters the higher reward. Hopefully our first level can teach, motivate and encourage the player to want more.

Once this has been accomplished, our aim from a marketing standpoint is to have the first few levels open to the public where they can play at no cost. I feel the best way to evolve in game development is to get feedback from your potential consumer. I understand that this game will not appeal to all gamers, however if we strategically reach to the certain few that can adapt to it, then we will be able to successfully get thorough feedback from them.

We are also currently anticipating the release of our new game trailer and website. They are projected to both be released to the public by the beginning of next week! This will create an enormous amount of presence for our game and help with promotion, marketing and obtaining a potential publisher.

As next week winds down, UAT Game Studios will hold their seasonal Greenlight event. This essentially allows for all game projects to have the opportunity to get into the UAT Game Studio or have another iteration of production. With all that I’ve seen this semester, I’m confident that Team Mirrored will get another shot at production and be ready to dig deeper into the phases of game development.

Till next time,

Jorge Portillo

For additional information on the game and UAT Game Studios, see below.


Links to Mirrored: Reflection of Resolution



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