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The continued journey. . .

This week I continue to blog on my journey as a UAT Game Studios Producer. I emphasize on team relationships and the success we've had throughout this process.

Jorge Portillo

August 10, 2015

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As I continue my journey as a UAT Game Studios Producer, I have encountered a lot of new ideas which have led to new mindsets and new opportunities for improvement. As my team engages in the most challenging part of production (crunch time) I have to keep them motivated, eager and dedicated to complete their tasks at hand. My strategy for this is to show as much visibility as possible, I feel that with my presence and words of encouragement I’m able to keep them at ease.  I will encompass my soft skills, production experiences and teaching strategies to fulfill their needs. My strategy and huge part of this is to simply just listening to them, understand what their issues are and take the bull by its horns. With each challenge ahead I can give formal direction, coach them, move into a support system and lastly delegate where needed.  

We are currently two weeks away from the end of our first production cycle and as a team I’ve seen a tremendous amount of improvement from all departments. (Art, Design, Programing) I can reflect back when the project was just a concept. Before entering UAT Game Studios, they were able to successfully develop the majority of all preproduction work. This rouge development was a huge success because it allowed them to solely focus on production during their time in the studio. In an effort to create content and build relationships they are now on track to create a tangible product . . . their very own game! They’re under a strong support system as well, that encompasses educators, mentors and experienced leaders. I’m very confident they will display a functioning product by the end of this production cycle.

One area that has impressed me the most, is the amount of improvement they have showcased. Each week is a new benchmark and the team continues to add new features and details to the game. Every Friday when the studio is running, it’s a delight to see the level of performance and dedication come from each member. They are working away to complete all tasks at hand that were given to them earlier in the week. At the end of the day, they do their routine stand ups and report to all leads and mentors. This is a continuous process and it will continue to occur for the next few weeks. Although, we’re two weeks out from the first iteration process of development, I feel that by the next cycle they will have the game completed.

As I witness greatness happen right before my eyes, I’m also under a huge amount pressure to do everything I can to get this game released. Part of my role as a producer is to create visibility for the game. As of tonight, the website will go live and we will be able to channel in all our social media outlets into the site and most importantly show off our build! The trailer is also in the works and by next week it should be finalized and integrated into the website.

I’m extremely satisfied with the level of performance from my team and myself, until next time!


Jorge Portillo

For additional information on the game and UAT Game Studios, see below.




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