The beginnings of a Indie Game Studio

Who are Rampant Studios? What's so different about them. Find out here.

 Rampant Studios

Who are we?

Well, at the moment we are a small group of students who decided that playing games just wasn't enough. We started out with our own projects and kind of merged into one idea we are now following behind.  Our main talent-pool is mainly programming, as such we have no artistic talents (Other than sketching out rough diagrams and 'ideas' we may have). As we are just starting up, we are working on our first project together but so far are making good progress. 

What do we plan to do? 
With all hopes going towards releasing a game that people will enjoy and in the worst case get a few laughs out of it. We are fed up with the way the game industry is going with the Ultra-Realism being pushed into most games and the fact that studios with multi-million budgets just seem to have lost focus with what games are really about (I'm looking at you Infinity Ward). Sure, running around and spraying people with guns is fun but when did we loose games like Mario and the Legend of Zelda? Or games like Shenmue with their awesome story-lines?  

How are we going to do it?

Currently we are talking to a Graphics studio about collaboration on a project we have in mind. Things are going great so far, though its a bit early for details! When we have something we can officially show off though I'll be posting it on here. 

We plan on releasing games that are fun to play, have tongue in cheek humour and push the boundaries of the industry towards more humour games that don't end in brining the player into situations within the real world. Isn't that what gaming is for, escapism, at least for moment your in the game.      

The point of this blog?

My main reason for making this blog is to document how we do, and what we do. So we can look back at anything we do and learn from it. Hopefully others will find this interesting to read and we can help people out while we do what we love doing! 

Wrapping up

I hope people don't get offended by anything I've written, if you do please drop me a comment and I'll tell you why I think these things. 
Anyway, Rampant Studios will be pushing towards our first game with all we have so expect to see something pretty soon!


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