So ya wanna hear a faerie tale?

Crowley background - Kingdom of Yet's Spider Mountain Mercenaries: a multi game group for half breeds.

I remember it well..

The weather was perfect in the clearing, sunny & warm. The sky was a perfect mix of purple & blue, with white fluffy clouds. It was like a painting done by a master, with gentle strokes & a soft brush. Just as it should be, for it was the last glimpse of this land the elders would get before returning to the land of the Fey. This land that had been their home for so long. It has been perfectly cultivated & the trees, grass & plantlife thrive here. Fruits, vegetables & flowers grow heartily in gardens near the celebration site, where their home lies deeper in the woods. This sacred spot was not only beautiful, but home to the hole in the sky the elders would sail thru.


Everyone wore their special robes & cloaks. mostly whites & more natural colors. The elders all wore white robes that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. The women all wore flowers in their hair, some had braids with ribbons of silver & gold. The music was mesmerizing. Lutes, Flutes & drums played softly, filling the air with their tranquil songs of passage. It seemed even the birds & sounds of the forrest harmonized with their songs. The feast earlier had been incredible. Long tables set with local fresh berries, apples & nuts, & yellow & orange fruits from their island brothers. Beautiful arrangements of plants & flowers set centered at every table. The hunters had caught a feast of fresh meats. Wild turkey & several Boars had smoked & cooked a full day before served. The meats just fell off the bones. The wine they served were the perfect blend of fruits, sugars & spices. I could smell the aroma from where I stood at the forrest edge, close enough to watch unnoticed by most. The sentry knew there was an outsider gazing at one of their most sacred rites, yet they knew me and merely tolerated my presence.

The music played softer as the elders bid their kin farewell. The feeling of love & honor was so powerful even I felt a sad longing for that day. Yeah...but thats never gonna happen. Hah! I would never be welcome in that land. Never anyone like me. To go there you have to pure, someone like me could never go there. And ya know what? Theres almost as many like me as there is of them. But..I've gotten distracted, let me go on.

The air was calm & a slight breeze was blowing as the elders started to board the ship. The plank was down & their belongings were already aboard. They went almost in a military rank order with the Eldest going first & the youngest of the elders going last. As the last went aboard, they all lined up along the deck to wave a final goodbye,

Suddenly, another vessel came crashing thru the gate & hit the elders ship.It was a dark vessel, much smaller then that of the elders. The vessel crashed thru the sacred ships side & sent elders & crewman spilling over the deck onto the ground below. Before the vessel even completely stopped a handful of men & women dressed in chain & leather armourments leapt over its side & came running at full speed toward me with weapons in hand. I moved swiftly to the left behind a tree for cover & prepared. However. they had no interest in me. As they rushed by I noticed their ears had the same shape as mine, a point, but not quite like Fey. Intrigued, I had to follow them. Something inside compeled me to see what brought them here.

As my body turned to follow there was another crash, followed by obscenities being shouted by goblinoid voices. Pausing to look, I saw a countless number of the ugly, green skinned, yellow eyed goblinoids had jumped off YeT another ship, one only slightly larger then that of the elders. These goblins were attacking the Fey, including the elders. Green skins were slaughtering the Fey ruthlessly, hacking & slashing at an inhuman speed. It seemed they'ed all had a spell cast on them making them move twice a normal goblins speed. These gobbies seemed berzerk, their eyes seemed to bulge & they slobbered about the mouth, almost rabid in their attack. Part of me wanted to help the Fey, but the other part just wanted to watch them all die.

The scene entranced me, like a majic spell, time stood still. As I watched in awe with an almost twisted amusement, the goblins destroyed everything. Relics, wine glasses, & sacred statues made of the purest silver & gold crushed & spat upon. Ceremonially decorated goblets & ornamentations that were passed down for generations, exquisitely done with gems & Fey symbols. being smashed & doused with bodily fluids in one form or another. One particular relic, a chalice made of silver decorated with majic symbols & gems that the elders drink from before their journey, was taken aboard their ship. Most non-Fey beings never even gaze on these treasures, much less take or destroy them. The relics are only brought out for special ceremonies. Any gold or silver coins were pocketed with a swiftness, so the frenzied green skins could continue killing the Fey & each other. It seemed some of the gobbies were fighting amoungest themselves over the Fey's priceless heirlooms. You see, one reason this awed me so, is the Fey put more stock in most of these treasures then they would my life. Not that my life would mean anything to them.

I realized if I wanted to keep up with those that looked impure, like me, I had to go now.

 -J & J

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