Setting a release date for #Frostbite

#Frostbite is finally at the point where I can realistically set a release date but honestly it feels so weird.

#Frostbite is finally at the point where I can realistically set a release date. Honestly it feels so weird. I’ve been working on this game for quite awhile now and it is odd to think that in just a few more months people I’ve never met will be playing this game. I still have quite a bit I need to do on it:

  • Death, the character currently can not die even when attacked by monsters.
  • Ending screen
  • Opening screen, that tells you how to play
  • Some additions to the environment
  • Some random screams and other polishing.

Even though there is still more to do on #Frostbite before it is ready to be released the end is in sight and that is kind of a scary feeling. There are some controversial things that I am still debating with myself over but I feel like they really add to the horror of the game. There is no pausing and no saving. When you are playing it you have to be playing it. Now this is balanced out by the fact that it is a relatively short game with the idea being that you will die several times before being able to complete it. The mountains are quite maze like and there are a lot of monsters.

Since it is a horror game I feel like Halloween is an excellent date to release it. Now I haven’t ever publicly released a game before so it is a little nerve racking but I’m also really excited. There is so much to do but it is also so close.

You can find out more information about #Frostbite at

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