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DOs and DON'Ts for recruiters.

Timothy Ryan, Blogger

October 2, 2013

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Dear Recruiter -

DO ...

  • Read my Linked In Profile or Resume before contacting me

Take the time to understand your candidate. I get too many messages where it's clear you never read my profile or resume.

  • Understand the position you are looking to fill

It's more than a simple skillset match. Some skills are always more important than others, and some of those skills cost more than the employer can afford. Sometimes you need to educate the employer on the job requirements and compensation level.

  • Put some thought into matching candidate to position

You're not just hiring for the current position but for the position the candidate aspires to achieve once they master the job.

DON'T ...

  • Contact me about positions that are clearly not my area of expertise.

You obviously didn't read my resume. This amounts to SPAM.

  • Imply management has read my resume when they in fact never have.

Lying breaks trust.

  • Claim you have an inside track on a job when you're an external recruiter.

Every recruiter claims to have these employer relationships. Companies use external recruiters to cast a bigger net. They don't use them to make hiring decisions.

  • Give me design tests or ask me to work for free.

I've been tested by years of experience and dozens of shipped product. Don't use me to improve your game for free. If you want to try me out, pay me to do some contract work.

  • Spam me for candidate contacts.

Isn't this just asking me to do your job?

  • Judge me based on MetaCritic scores alone

​Judging individual performance on a group project is just wrong. A lot goes into the market success or failure of a game, and you don't know how the individual contributed to that result or how happy they were with the design.

  • Assume that I'm willing to take a demotion to work at some dream company.

Just because the job is at some AAA game company and my current company isn't one, doesn't mean I have any less experience or financial need.


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