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Project “Liquid Chicken” Complete

Just two weeks after starting project "Liquid Chicken" it has now been completed.

Cathy Pyle, Blogger

March 8, 2010

2 Min Read

It has only been two weeks since we started project “Liquid Chicken” and now it is concluded!  This project was not anything major from a game standpoint so much as from a game engine one.   The project was nothing more than adapting the Cortex game engine to run on the XBox from its native Windows environment.  The Cortex engine now has the ability to make one game and simultaneously build it for Windows and the XBox 360 with one mouse click :)

We needed a test game to make sure everything was working as planned.  We choose to take “Magic 8” and port it to the XBox 360 as the “Divining Orb”.  We changed the name and some of the graphics. The game is still in play test for XBox 360, however no errors have been found (we didn’t expect any).  Divining Orb will be released under the Indie Games section of the XBox Live later this month.  We can’t give it away for free, so we put it at the lowest possible price point Microsoft allows.  The game is $1.00.  It is totally worth that.  I mean come on a bottle of pop cost more than that now.  Plus think of the money you can save by consulting it for financial information!

Here is a video of the “Divining Orb” it is a little choppy because the video capture software cannot keep up with the frame rate of the engine.  No big deal, you still get the point :)

Note: Project “Liquid Chicken” was named after chicken broth which can be used to make quick meals without a lot of fuss.  At least for Pollywog our Shih-tzu!

You Tube Video Divining Orb for XBox 360

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