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We launched a Kickstarter, we failed. This is what we learned. It is possible to repeat it? It´s a good idea?

Gerardo Garcia, Blogger

January 5, 2017

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Hello everyone, Fat Panda Games team wish you an excellent year.

At the end of 2016 as Fat Panda Games we launched a kickstarter: we failed.

The game was Twin Flames, a rogue like where you can choose the sun god or the moon goddess to determine the fate of the day and night.

Lots of people are asking us a lot about Twin Flames fate, a video game that we had very well hidden (One of the reasons the kickstarter failed). The reason is because we where going to show it in March 2017. But Fondeadora the leading page in crowdfunding of Mexico made us the invitation to put a project to Kickstarter since it made commercial alliances with them, however we literally had a week to prepare everything because we were invited to the launch so now one month after the campaign we realized that it was risky to accept but brought us many indirect benefits between the series of mistakes we made. If you want to make a Kickstarter this is the series of mistakes that we made that you don´t want to repeat.

We launched in November.

November is the worst month to launch games or Kickstarters, all the big releases of the year came out that month. Pokemon Sun & Moon, Final Fantasy 15, The Last Guardian, Playstation Experience, Nintendo Switch Advances, etc. No matter that you as an independent do not compete directly with them, the media will focus on making notes of them so you're going to be virtually invisible.

Where didn’t´ show progress of the game before launch.

Before the Kickstarter came out we had not publicly announced anything. The whole project stayed internal, some close acquaintances saw it and also Koji Higarashi gave us some tips, but leaving that the first sea of comments was relative to the promotional art he did not like because it was not pixel art like the game, and did not make him Justice, so we worked more in the art to show it more polished and indicated for the game, but by the time it was done we were already in the middle of the campaign.We are going to continue showing improvements to improve it and also put it to Square Enix Collective to be able

A bad cover photo that didn't tell anything about the game

Originally on the cover we kept the logo because we thought it was very well done, but later we realized that it did not explain anything. So we changed it for the two fighting characters, which already gives you a better idea about what the game is about.

The team wasn't ready.

A key member of the team in charge of the website and blog was traveling so it was complicated to make the changes necessary to have everything ready in an agile way.

Do not warn media with enough time

We notified the media the week the Kickstarter started, so we had a week to do it, the first notes began to come out in week 3. If we did it correctly, a note would have been made a month before the campaign, and one week before. Our friends, family and colleagues began to support from the second and third week. The main punch must have it from the first week or day.

There wasn’t´ a demo.

It is not mandatory but it helps a lot. We got the trailer our green light from Steam in a week so we saw a lot of interest, votes and support. However still with the 167 backers we are in a nearly 50%. With a demo for the backers would have been an interesting reward, as well as for the undecided ones who want to try before buying.

If you want to see the Kickstarter campaign, click here.

The game continues in development as well as with the projects already mentioned above, but can not meet the expected date that was September by the Kickstarter, we do not rule out trying again in the near future, but we do not want to compromise even with a date. Anyway I would love to receive your comments and feedback on this project.

Fan art by AbsolumFan art by Absolum, check out his work here

Greetings and have a great 2017.

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