One teams journey through the world of flash game sponsorship

Follow me as I guide you through a mystical and magical journey of one games development as a money maker. Will it do well? The Magic 8 ball says.. (shake, shake) "It is decidedly so" ok Magic 8 Ball, how well? (shake, shake) "Ask again later"
So this is the first post of several.  I figure this game is going to do pretty well as a casual flash game and naturally there is a lack of good information on how to moneywise a flash game.  Some folks out there have shared some neat information, but more could be used and I figured this would be fun to document and give me something worthwhile to blog about... 

So to start things off..   My partner and I made a flash game.  It's nice, it's cute, it's got a nice green message, it's addicting.  At least that's what our play testers have said so far (read: friends, family, coworkers) and now the game will be finished this weekend.   Next week I’ll be uploading the game to various portals and wheeling and dealing. 

We're also going to be doing some formal game testing through a local privately owned game store who are very supportive in our endeavors.   I got off the phone today with Gameyola.  Nice folks with a great idea, however at the moment they have an AS2 API and not one for AS3 which is what we made our game in. 

So it might be a few weeks before we're able to do business with them.  They are working on microtransactions through facebook which could be neat and they have 7,000,000 users through their various facebook apps and such.  They are not exclusive and they allow MochiAds and other such impression based advertising models.  They also don't mind if we go through MindJolt who I’ve got on my checklist of portals to talk too.  I'm not sure our game is microtransactions material, but I’m sure we can come up with something...

I've got a number of other emails of folks I’m in touch with, but I’ll save those conversations for when I learn more about those deals next week when I can upload the swf to various portals for their evaluation. 

Would love any advise you readers out there might have or if you have questions feel free to ask as well..  We made a hit game on addicting games before this one that did pretty well and learned some stuff from that experience, but there is always something new to learn.  I might not have another blog post till next week, but I hope that I can get some more meetings / email chains going in the meantime. 


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