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No Project Crunch!

Having just completed a project with NO crunch, this is what I have found different from a normal project with crunch.

Michael Carr-Robb-John, Blogger

November 14, 2010

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I have been writing computer games professionally for 23 years and even after all this time I still love it! I get a buzz out of creating something, watching it come together and become a game. During all of this time, I have crunched on all of my projects.

Three to six months before the end of each project I would say goodbye to my family and friends and disappear into the game. I would work late evenings and weekends getting it through Alpha, Beta and then finally on to Final / Gold. I always accepted it as a necessary evil, something that was just part of working in this awesome industry.

That was until I moved to Brisbane and started to work with the team making "Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole". The team had a simple work ethic, in on time, work focused and leave on time with working late and at the weekends only when absolutely necessary.

The project took a year and half to complete, during that time I spent three evenings working late and two Saturdays!

So what have I found personally different between crunching on a project vs. not crunching?

Refreshed - I generally had a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep, starting the new day feeling fresh, alert and awake.

Focused - Being refreshed meant I was more focused on the required tasks.

Productive - As a crunch progresses past the first few weeks peoples productivity dips in various ways, what I found however was that my productivity increased over the last few months of the project.

Less Stress - I had so little stress on the project, certainly nowhere near as much as I had on previous projects.

Happy – My partner gets to see me more, which makes her happy and if she is happy then I am too.

Having experienced both methods I have to say my thoughts on crunch have been modified. I actually feel that I have achieved more by not crunching than if I was, and that has surprised me. 

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