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New Sony advertisement for the PS3

New Sony advertisement for the PS3 makes as much sense as the old ones.

Horatiu HP, Blogger

October 21, 2009

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New Sony advertisement


Sony has made quite a reputation of making some of strangest ads for the Playstation 3. They range from freaky looking toy babies that make the Playstation levitate to a gamer donating blood to Rommel (a Nazi Field Marshal). I’m just wondering who is making these advertisements. Is there some kind of logic behind them, or are they just putting ideas on a wall close their eyes and throw a dart and see what sticks. I understand the idea with the blood, that the player brings back to life a Field Marshal from World War II but is that a good idea for marketing? The Nazi regime is still a pretty sensitive subject to discuss for the general public, but maybe on the other hand Sony just wants to shock people.


Apparently Sony did not learn too much from past advertisements. The last commercial makes as much sense the the others. A Playstation 3 is thrown at 50 mph at a Bravia LCD screen TV and it shatters it in slow-motion. The punch line being 25000 PS3 to be given away, minus the one that was thrown at the TV, 24999 left to be given as gifts for buying Bravia LCD TVs. While watching the ad I thought for a second, that once the Playstation hits the TV it will be absorbed into the screen and the idea would have been the perfect compatibility of the PS 3 with the Bravia TV. No such luck apparently, Sony is still Sony.



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