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New School Blues Dev. Diary #22: Packaging Intro

On December 10th 2012, with New School Blues then well into production and in the beta testing stage, YoyoBolo Games' dev diary took an initial look at packaging a fully developed game.

Yoyo Bolo, Blogger

February 14, 2013

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Packaging refers to the steps taken between the game being complete and tested to being out the door in a shape or form where people can actually play it.  So if you think about it like a book then development is writing, editing, designing, and copying the book, whereas packaging is making sure copies get to stores.

Since video games are a digital medium we have a lot of packaging options.  Since YoyoBolo are shooting for the pc casual market, going the physical copy route (such as buying it in a store like a AAA title) seemed excessive.  So predictably, we’re going through digital means.  We should note, however, that we are not going the downloadable route.  We are instead posting our game on a web portal.  Some web portals host games where people can log on and play for a price or for free.  Some distribute the games to other sites as well.


Kongregate is just one example

So how does that work?  Well the short answer is you submit your game to them, they give it a once over to make sure it works and isn’t breaking any of their target audience content policies and if it checks out, you’re up and running.  What are the web portals getting out of this you wonder?  Read on.

Most web portals have their own practices, but for the most part what happens is the web portal agrees to host your game provided you place advertising in it.  Ads can appear upon launching the game, during the game on tiny bars to the side of the screen, and even over loading screens.


Here’s an example of in-game banner ads

If you happen to be charging for people to play your game, or if you’re free to play but intend to make money from in game advertisements, advertising is obviously mandatory.  Should you rather keep things both free to play AND ad-free (like NSB) most sites are happy with a tiny ad upon launch and that’s it.  Though that won’t generate revenue, it’s still a great way to get your game out there and get people’s attention.

Tune in tomorrow for a closer look at exactly what YoyoBolo is doing to NSB to ensure it is web portal ready!

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