Naming the first Spanish-language gamedev podcast

The best way to start a media project is to get people meaningfully involved.

After moving back to Caracas, I found that being stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours a day was one of the most soul-sucking experiences I could have. Feeling a need to make those hours at least partly useful, I started listening to podcasts, particularly those related to video games and game development. My current top pick in the latter category is Confessions of a Gamedev (and I'm open to recommendations).

I also looked for podcasts in my native language, and I found several focusing on game industry news and discussion, but zero entries related to game development. The natural reaction, of course, was to think of rolling up my own.

So I met up with a longtime friend and we decided to give it a go. After getting some pre-production questions out of the way, the biggest decision to take was: what to name the podcast?

We brainstormed a few name options, but soon I started to feel the need to get some feedback, particularly from people in the target audience. Then just as I was about to jump to Twitter, I thought that ideal feedback would be as broad and unbiased as possible, and that this dilemma actually represented an opportunity: in the age of participation and interactivity, the best thing to do would be to give people a say and a stake in the project from the very beginning.

Therefore we decided to choose the name on the basis of an online poll. Probably the most important part was vetoing options that either of us didn't like. Don't want to be stuck doing a podcast with a name you hate. :)

We have a non-existent budget, so the polling needed to be done for free. I considered SurveyMonkey, Polldaddy and others, but they limit free-of-charge polls to 200 responses. I didn't know if I was going to get that many responses, but I didn't want to have a problem in case I did. In the end Google Forms seemed to be the best choice.

Which brings us to the present: the poll is now live. I expect to be back in this blog with more details on the format and production of the podcast after we publish our first few episodes.

Voting will close after only a few days, so if you're a Spanish speaker, go vote now:

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