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Here are eight qualities that you should always consider when planning to make a flight simulator game.

Asar Dhandala, Blogger

July 7, 2015

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Here are eight qualities that you should always consider when planning to make a flight simulator game. 




Nothing is worse than having a flight simulator that is choppy, gritty, and barely even 3D. It takes the fun out of simulated flying, mainly because it’s so obvious that you’re staring at a screen that it quickly loses its fun. Great graphics and smooth animations, on the other hand, can pull you in and make it a magical experience.


Realistic Controls


Can the flight simulator game you have hook up to a joystick or a specialized simulator console? If so, you definitely will get to enjoy all the thrills of being a pilot. If not…can you at least say that the control methods that the game uses are easy to use, and at least slightly realistic? This may not be a major criterion for everyone, but for the true flight simulator game geek, it’s a very important.




Okay, most flight simulator games will not have much of a plot, but those that do really do tend to be a step above the rest. They give you the chance to fly with a purpose, and they also can further improve your typical experience. This is especially true if the game offers you the chance to do missions, too.



Everyone wants to fly all over the world, so it’s crucial to find a flight simulator game that actually LETS you do that. Flying around a single country or continent will get really old, really quick.




Everything from the fact that you can see major buildings in each country to the realism of the take-off sounds really will make a huge impact on your overall gaming experience. If you can’t invest in a flight simulator game that delivers the real McCoy on sounds, hyper-detailed maps, and physics, you might need to make a tough decision on which details you are willing to part with.


Customization Options


Sure, a good flight simulator game might be able to entertain you with just one single plane, but the truth is that most gamers love to have a certain level of customization that they can toy with. Having the ability to choose your plane, decorate your aircraft, or even choose the controls that you have can make a world of difference in how you view a game.


Educational Potential


Believe it or not, there are a lot of flight simulator games that are made in order to train real pilots on how to fly planes. If you are training to become a pilot, it would make a lot more sense to invest in a super high quality flight simulator game that actually will teach you how to react during inclement weather, turbulence, and other issues that you may face as a pilot.


Computer Compatibility


It’s not going to be a good game for you if it fries your hardware within the first five minutes. Make a flight simulator game that won’t be too much for your graphics card and RAM to handle. Players will enjoy it a lot more!


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