Lineage 2 Interview - 'Freya Update Is Just a Beginning' - Pt.2

The second part of the interview with a Lineage 2 development team leader at NCsoft. He spills out details on a new update Freya for

NCsoft spills out details on a new update Freya for Freya is a new update since Lineage II Chaotic Throne: Gracia Part 1 in April 2008. met with a development team leader, Jae Hyuk Han, at NCsoft in Korea after Freya update had applied to a test server on January 20th.


Continued from  [Lineage 2] Freya Update Is Just a Beginning ①

TIG: What does Freya mean in this update?

Han: Freya is a name of the ultimate boss and a core of the update. Unlike previous Lineage 2, you can fight the boss with two patterns: Raid or Ultimate Fight.

TIG: Ultimate Fight? Haven't seen it in Lineage 2 before.

Han: Yes. It is a new concept. To put it simple, it is a next level of raid. VERY HARD. If you choose this mode, you will create more damage, naturally.

Ice Queen Freya

TIG: You said Freya is the core of the update. Can you elaborate more on that?

Han: Story-wise and raid-wise Freya has a symbolic meaning. To tell you a brief story behind it, it begins with a marble that creates an Ice Princess by Gran Kain.

A mischievous Gran Kain gave Princess Melissa a marble. And she turns into Ice Queen Freya when the marble broke.

TIG: So you rescue Princess Melissa through a raid?

Han: That's a possibility. The story depends on a quest. Princess Melissa is a medium to become Ice Queen.

A user can complete a rescue quest if s/he pursues the quest and go through a raid. But there is a quest to remove Prince Melissa and become Ice Queen yourself. So the end of the quest will be to remove Melissa. You can pursue both quests as well.

TIG: Tell us more about a character class.

Han: We've thinking what users want the most. The answer we reached was a character class. So far we only modify a part of class.

Freya is a different story. We will adjust a balance until user can satisfy not developer. And that takes some time. We will be working on this issue throughout the updates this year.

TIG: Any last words?

Han: There has been no major update last one and a half year. Some user said our development team abandoned Lineage 2. But we've been working hard to implement what users want.

You can find it for yourself in Freya. As I mentioned, we are preparing for four updates this year. And you can count on us to deliver what you want.

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