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Joel McHale's "Battle Tag" Commentary

Joel McHale's "Battle Tag" Commentary

Gaurang Gheewala, Blogger

July 12, 2010

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Joel McHale's "Battle Tag" Commentary

Poor Joel. His job on E!'s "The Soup" requires him to make fun of celebrities, which he does very well. While hosting Ubisoft's press conference this year, he seemed out of whack throughout most of the event. Sometimes, he would read the teleprompter as if it were some kind of machine that magically transforms him into a robot, moving his arms in a weird way. Perhaps one of the most embarrassing parts of the conference was when "Battle Tag" came to the stage. It wasn't the part about it being "innovative" that was embarrassing (despite Lazer Tag being done years before this), but the way it all started. Take a look:



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