iPhone Dev Blog #41

Development updates and notes on our recently-released independent iPhone action-puzzler "180" Today's focus - sales, New & Noteworthy on iTunes, and that Reddit Magic!

iPhone App Game Development Blog #41

You like how this works? All is quiet for a few weeks and then *blammo* you get slammed with TWO dev updates in just a few days! Hold on tight..

Yup we are jumping on the reddit bandwagon! It's worked for a few others, so we are gonna throw our hat into the ring as well and see how much we can juice this thing. Click here to read all about our big plan! Most importantly - if you don't know what reddit is, think of it as digg 2.0. The thing is, register (easy) and hit the little "up" arrow beside the subject line, comment as well if you like. And oy vey, there are promocodes in there, might be one or two left :)

Of course this is all to promote our game 180 which we have mentioned a few hundred thousand times in this blog. Some (more) big news regarding the app - it's been making the rounds in New & Noteworthy on iTunes, this is pretty big news for us! Finally the Powers That Be are noticing there's something to our little game - it's been recognized in the Puzzle and Arcade subcategories in USA, Canada, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Belgium. A big step for sure, but to get some real movement we need to get a level higher (N&N on the front of iTunes!) In light of this, we've dropped the price from $2.99 down to $0.99, so hopefully that will stimulate some more buzz for us.

What else can you do to help? We need ratings and reviews on iTunes! I say it a lot, but it can never be said enough (it is very hard to get people to write these.. understandably :) Grab v1.1 and write a review on iTunes and that will be very very awesome :)

So what next? There's been a lot of activity for us bubbling in the background leading up to all of this, and there's a lot of loose ends I need to tie up to prepare for whatever might happen next week. Stay tuned - and thanks for your help! And BTW I just nailed the #3 spot on Endless, I don't knowwww if I can get any better than that! It gets too crazy...

More to come - enjoy your long weekend folks!

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