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Triple.B.Titles, the makers of Ring Runner, announce their new project Popup Dungeon, a roguelike papercraft enchanted board game that lets you create any weapon, ability, character, or enemy you can imagine.

Enrique Dryere, Blogger

April 3, 2014

1 Min Read

Howdy all!

Our tiny little family-operated studio is back with some mighty news!

Just a quick little post to introduce the project we've been working on for the last 8 months or so, Popup Dungeon, a roguelike dungeon crawler for PC, Mac, and Linux that lets players create any weapon, any ability, and any character they can imagine. It’s a papercraft version of an enchanted board game with tactical, turn-based RPG gameplay in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics.

You can check out our debut trailer here.

And if you wanna get involved in the development process or just give us some support (which would be much appreciated), check out our Kickstarter page. We'd love your feedback and input!

Thanks for your time,

- E C Dryere (Co-creator)

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