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Intern's Log: Week 3.1

This week's reflections on the internship at the Full Sail University's User Experience Lab

Zachary McCann, Blogger

July 21, 2011

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This week so far has been a bit hectic.  We initially had plans to possibly lose two full days of capacity from our art staff.  This was because of we had scheduled a team building day with a behind the scenes at Universal's Islands of Adventure as well as having a meeting and showcase bumped up to be on their other work day.

Islands of Adventure was some fun times, getting to see some of the guys behind both Universal as well as our project with the National Flight Academy.  It seemed rare that we get to see the enthusiasm from the top as much as we did, so we got to see the energy that the top brass has.  After that point, we got to hang out with the team in the actual park to hit up some rides and have a fun morning into early afternoon with them.

Luckily, the meeting got pushed back a day to a few hours from now.  This at least meant that we could get have some of the basic art models finished by the art staff and then moved into game for the showcase.  We, the production staff, also got a few of the missions wrapped up into a playable state (though they will still have some work left on them) to show off.

Finally, we're looking into ways to optimize our process now.  We've been tossing around some procedural ideas to help with that, since right now it feels a bit shotgun-like.  Hopefully in the next week or so we'll be able to put some things into action as the our milestone clutter dies down a bit.



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