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Intern's Log: Week 2.1

Week 2 of Interning at the User Experience Lab at Full Sail University

Zachary McCann

July 14, 2011

1 Min Read

This week has been mostly directed at working on the NFA missions as much as possible.  The artists have been going through the process of knocking out hi-res images of the planes that they're making and are going to be doing some models that we can use in game soon.  However, life likes to shake things up a bit so we're going to be meeting with the higher ups a bit sooner rather than later.  This combined with our team building day on Tuesday, means that some fun times are ahead in terms of getting something that looks great.  But at least we have our Production staff on building missions.


About that, though.  We've been having some pretty backwater errors going on with new installations and the general finnicky process of getting it to work.  We hammered most of that out through gratitous use of Google as well as Pete, who has been through most of the issues before.  At least we're at a good spot to get some work done and playable now.


At the moment, other projects are a bit low on the priority level and that's okay.  Hopefully, if they do spike back up they'll be so kind as to do so once the smoke has cleared a bit.  If not, we'll just have to see if we can get reimbursed for some fans to blow the smoke away.  Gotta clear those roadblocks!

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