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Games I am Anticipating but Know Nothing About.

Devis Lengren, Blogger

January 22, 2015

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Cyperpunk 2077: So it's pretty easy to say that I've pretty much been interested in this game since it first debuted in 2012. For one thing, its cyberpunk themed, nuff said. But seriously, the game looked amazing and promised a lot in just the few short seconds the trailer depicted of its world, and being from the critically acclaimed studio that also developed the Witcher franchise it's sure to be a big hit and deliver on its extensive open world RPG promises.

Although, because the studio has spent more time on the Witcher games and less revealing anything about Cyperpunk 2077 I have to say I'm beginning to lose my enthusiasm for the title. I know it's been held off to focus on the Witcher, and that they said this will still be a thing and they are just waiting until The Witcher is released. Still, it is putting a damper on the interest I have in the title, not to say that it's completely gone.

Star Wars Visceral/BioWare: Two critically acclaimed studios working on separate games based around a highly successful license.  Needless to say I've been waiting for a Star Wars game for a while. But not just ANY Star Wars game but a mind blowing, masterpiece of one. Not an MMO, not a multiplayer-centric battlefield type like Battlefront, not one where you play a non-Jedi like 1313, but one with great RPG features, fluid combat, immersive story, dynamic characters, and plenty of Jedi goodness.

Far Cry Spin Off: Recently Ubisoft released a poll to the masses with a questionnaire as to what the public would like to see in the next possible Far Cry title. Personally, I was ecstatic when I saw that Dinosaurs made the top of the list. Far Cry is a really good title when it comes to open world and FPS in recent years and Dinosaurs is a genre that has been lacking in video games lately but has been making a comeback. A vast world flush with giant, carnivorous lizards is something I definitely look forward too, especially since this one will TRULLY be a survival game, as many others claim to be.

Dead Island 2: Frankly, I have my concerned and questions about other "shared world" genre games after the issues that plagued Destiny during its launch, and all the issues surrounding the game since then. A zombie slaying game is always welcome, as long as it's done right, and from what I saw at Gamescom from the gameplay videos it looks like this game is taking a step in the right direction. Although there are still the issues of being always online that concern me, and having other players meddling in my world. Still it's earned a spot in my list.

Vampyr: This was actually just announced earlier today. From the makers of Remember be, the studio Dontnod is promising that the game will be an open world RPG, taking place after the 1st World War, playing as a doctor who has recently returned home and has been turned into a vampire in his hometown ravaged by the Spanish Flu. This is another area that lacks in mainstream games lately, vampires, and if it's done right it could spark a trend. I'm highly interested to see where this game is going.


What are some of the titles you are anticipating in the hopefully upcoming future that you know little to nothing about?

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