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Game Industry Sales Data

Despite many rumors, the game industry is doing well and sales are continually increasing in the last decade. Have a look at the chart in this post showing annual revenues of the game industry in the US.

Lennart Nacke

January 19, 2009

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Popular Data Sources

After blogging about the Top 50 game developers, I got more interested in the revenue of the game industry. I have been searching for good game industry sales data for a while, since the NPD group figures are not easy to come by and studies related to revenue usually cost quite a bit (e.g. game developer research).

Everyone knows about about favorite industry sources like VG Chartz, Metacritic, and GameStats. The latter two are more concerned with rating data while the first is definitely interesting for people interested in sales figures. When I started looking for game sales increase over the last decade in the US, I made the following graphic based on NPD group figures:

Game Industry Revenue

Video game industry revenue in the US (1995-2008)

Video game industry revenue in the US (1995-2008)

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