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Espresso Tycoon Devlog - new features

Let us present you some new features that we’ve been working on in Espresso Tycoon - we're adding emotions and movements to the characters, a life around the coffee shop and new decoration items.

Joanna Berezowska, Blogger

June 7, 2021

2 Min Read

Let us present you some new features that we’ve been working on in Espresso Tycoon.

1. City life nearby the coffee shop

The coffee shop is not the only place where something’s going on in Espresso Tycoon. There will be also some people in the streets (and not everyone will come to your place – you have to convince customers to come). But there will be also city traffic with some cars driving (or staying, when the red light is on).

We added also birds – pigeons, to be more specific. They will fly in different directions nearby the coffee shop, they can also sit on the roof.


2. Different movements and behaviors

Our customers will not just stand or sit still in one pose. That would look odd. That’s why we decided to implement some different gestures and movements. They will move their legs, hands, they can stretch a bit, wave, etc.


3. Emotions of the characters

We focus a lot on the facial expressions of the characters. We are adding different emotions to them. That’s why you can see if they are happy, sad, or angry.


4. Adding a mess to the coffee shop

A player will have to remember to clean the coffee shop. The customers can leave the garbage – like dirty cups or used napkins. It will be also a feature connected with managing the employees. If a player will not be able to keep the place clean – the customers will not be happy. That’s why there will be a need to hire a cleaner.


5. New decoration items

We're still adding new items to the decoration feature, so you will be able to create the coffee shop out of your dreams. We already have a lot of different floors, colors, and textures.

That’s all for that devlog episode – we will keep you informed about our next steps!

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