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Take an inside look at how the game industry’s leading solutions provider and GDC diamond sponsor empowers companies and players to enjoy the game by making games available to everyone worldwide.

March 11, 2024

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Great games can come from anyone, anywhere. Developing games lets studios of all sizes create and bring joy to millions of players.

For eighteen years, Xsolla has helped game developers and publishers reach their goals and make games available to all types of players, regardless of location or economic situation.

Xsolla's powerful tools and services make it easy for developers — from indie to AAA enterprise — to connect, collaborate, and grow their games. Your vision to create something amazing and your desire to bring games to the world matter most to Xsolla.

As Xsolla President David Stelzer notes, "We're happy to attend GDC 2024 as a Diamond Level Sponsor and to meet in person with existing and future partners about expanding their reach to more players in more places. GDC is the perfect event to share our mission and our clients' successes."

As the rules for marketing mobile games shift,  Direct-to-consumer (D2C) selling strategies should make you think more about how you make money. The popularity of selling games through a web shop is easy for game companies like yours to understand: You can reach more players beyond the app stores and keep more of your hard-earned income.

Xsolla Payments lets you accept global payments in more places with the only user experience that works across mobile, PC, cloud, and the web. You can customize the easy-to-use purchase flow to keep up with players' changing needs while reflecting your game's look and feel.

Xsolla Web Shop lets you sell games and gaming content directly to players with preferred local payment methods, effective promotions, and exclusive content.

A familiar-looking web shop inspires players to buy your in-game items and currencies and top up their accounts from your tailored, game-branded website. Gamers who play on different platforms can enjoy a smooth shopping experience right from their first visit — from login to checkout.

Since rolling out Web Shop, Xsolla has helped 200+ web shops find success with a direct-to-player selling strategy.

Both solutions help Xsolla partners find and keep more customers, improve their revenue strategies, reduce commission expenses to 5% (plus processing fee), and increase a game's revenue by 20% or more.

The direct-to-consumer approach lets players and game communities show you what their preferences are and what mechanics work best.

Xsolla's gaming experts are ready to help you take your game to the next level – from finding new customers to boosting income and profit.

Schedule a meeting with Xsolla at GDC booth number S741 to learn which Xsolla products can help you expand your game's reach and make it accessible to millions of players worldwide.


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