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Driving Down The Cost Of Digital Media

Working with marketing and advertising agencies is very expensive. Why?

James Murphy, Blogger

September 27, 2009

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Working with marketing and advertising agencies is very expensive.Why? 

While there are some very legitimate expenses involved… one of the biggest problems in dealing with agencies is that the bulk of the budget is burned up by what is referred to as “The Creative”.

In Short, the Agency “Idea” people get paid first.

Then, whatever money is left over goes to the people that actually produce the content.
Often this is subcontracted out to another company or individual, so basically you’re paying for a broker!

This system is broken, abusive and overly expensive.  It also wastes a LOT of time!

As a graphics industry insider with over 18 years experience, I can tell you that the most creative people in this loop are those folks that are constantly being shortchanged… The Artists that actually create your product!


Virtual Partners will Never Charge you for “The Creative”. 

Our approach is to put you in direct contact with the actual Artist(s) that will be creating your product.  This may actually save you up to half you’re original budgeted cost!  In some cases even MORE!


Our Promise:

Provide us with a detailed billing of any current project you are considering from any established agency or postproduction house and we will save you substantially for that same work!

We are also willing to give you a total break down cost by cost for each item involved in the creation of your project.  This is something you may not get through most of the agencies or postproduction facilities.  They are loath to provide these types of details.


Having said all that:

Virtual Partners is interested in hearing both from artists (with up-to-date demo reels) and from those of you looking to hire artists.  With over 18 years experience helping visualization artists from all backgrounds and experience levels develop a better understanding of the core concepts and workflow necessary to produce efficient and flexible 3D projects we are sure we can help you both succeed with any pending projects. Thank you for this consideration. James M MurphyEmail: [email protected]

Phone: 920-785-1219

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