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Device Tracking and Management

Need Help with Device tracking.

Hemant Kamble, Blogger

February 16, 2016

1 Min Read

Hi Guys, 

I am new here and not sure if my following question would really go for this post, but either way please help me 

I am a QA guy in a gaming firm. currently in our organization we are facing an issue of tracking devices.

Right now the current method we are following is, using a Register i.e if any employee has to take any device he would have to enter his name and current time into the Register and then when he returns the device back he/she has to sign and re-enter the Timing i.e at which it was returned. In some cases the user takes the device and passes onto someone else or leaves it back home making it difficult to keep a track and managing the devices. 

So my question is there any Open source tool or is there any other easier process to track and manage devices without much effort in setting it up.

Awaiting response at the earliest, Thanks. 

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