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Blizzard's as-yet unnamed MMO, codenamed "Titan," is getting a reboot and a 70 percent staff reallocation, as part of the company's "iterative" development process.

Kris Ligman, Blogger

May 28, 2013

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Blizzard's as-yet unannounced MMO, codenamed "Titan," is getting a reboot and a staff reduction, according to VentureBeat. News of the "Titan" MMO first surfaced in 2011, when Blizzard COO Paul Sams stated the company had assigned a "dream team" to the project. "These are the people who made World of Warcraft a success. We are going to blow people's minds." At one point the game's "dream team" consisted of a reported 100 developers. That number has now been reduced to 30, with production getting a reset. As a result, "Titan"'s expected publishing date has been pushed back from late 2014 to 2016 at the earliest. Blizzard head Mike Morhaime described this to employees as part of the company's "iterative" development process. A source inside Blizzard was able to independently confirm this story for Gamasutra. UPDATE (5/29/2013): Polygon has a further comment from Blizzard on the company's "iterative" design process with the "Titan" project.

We've always had a highly iterative development process, and the unannounced MMO is no exception. We've come to a point where we need to make some large design and technology changes to the game. We're using this opportunity to shift some of our resources to assist with other projects while the core team adapts our technology and tools to accommodate these new changes.

Blizzard also notes it has not set any dates for the project.

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