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BJBK 3: The first milestone

The first milestone of Banana Jump, Barrel Kick - A playable demo.

Ofer Rubinstein, Blogger

November 6, 2009

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Notice: To run the demo you will need the latest DirectX9c from microsoft, .net runtime and XNA runtime 3.1.
Also, be sure to extract the demo's zip file.

I have completed a first playable version of Banana Jump, Barrel Kick. You can download it from here, or at the downloads page. The left and right arrow keys are used to move left and right. The up arrow key is used to jump. The space is suppose to kick, but there are no barrels in this demo so it's useless. Press Esc to exit. You need to jump above several bananas, and when you get past all of the bananas you get a reward!
The graphics are very simple right now, and I didn't make much gameplay tweeking, but it's a start. I think explaining the code I wrote will take longer than what it took to code. However, I think I will post about the things that seem most important. I will also release the source code of this version soon enough.
A small lesson I have learnt is that you can type a log message in a text area each time you commit something in TortoiseSVN. It was right there in front of me, but I didn't really notice it. After all, I don't commit that often.



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