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Aeria Now Developers Blog #5: DDTank

Read about our newest browser game launch: DDTank!

Aeria Now, Blogger

September 20, 2010

1 Min Read

What has us grinning like we just won the 100 Gold Pack on the Zodiac Wheel in Caesary? We here at Aeria Now are preparing to launch a brand spankin’ new browser game for your playing pleasure, that’s what! Get your computer screens ready for DDTank!!! *dramatic, zany music, oo’s and ahh’s*  We’re just putting the finishing touches on bringing you this fun, new MMO browser game. You’ll be able to explore a whole new community where you can fight your friends, complete exciting quests and even…. get married??? Stay tuned to this blog for more details on our upcoming release.



DDTank Friends


Don’t worry, we still have plenty of new stuff going on in our existing browser games at Aeria Now. The Server 5 tournament is in full swing at Caesary and World 2 in Lords Onlineis a burgeoning population of lords and ladies. Go check ‘em out on Aeria Now.


In other news, our Facebook Fan Pagehas exploded in popularity! We have over 700 dedicated Aeria Now fans. If you haven’t done so already, definitely go “Like” us. We are giving out tons of Facebook Exclusives to our fans, from in-game items to free AP – just another treat to say thank you to our community.


We’d also like to thank President Obama, who gave video games a ringing endorsementthis past week, as a viable career choice for today’s school-aged children. Anyone here planning on a career in designing video games?


That’s it for now, browser gamers. Come back next week for more exclusive sneak peeks of DDTank!

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