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Tidbits on the latest happenings at the browser games division of Aeria Games.

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September 15, 2010

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Hello again, browser gaming community. We are pleased to bring you our 4th Aeria Now Developers Blog. We hope you all enjoyed the Labor Day holiday and are busy nestling into your new school schedules or preparing for the coming fall season.

 Even bloody-thirsty warriors in Caesary have to go back to School


 Even blood-thirsty warriors in Caesary have to do some homework first

September is a time of transition, and apparently it’s also the time for Microsoft to announce that they are increasing the cost of an Xbox Live subscription. Can we get a little love here for Free-to-Play? That’s right… Aeria Now browser games are always free to play, no subscriptions, downloads, or gaming consoles required.  No need to steal video games when all you have to do is log on to an internet-ready computer to enjoy our games. We go out of our way to provide interesting, in-depth, free-to-play browser MMOs for you, the serious gaming community , which is more than we can say for some of our Facebook competitors… *ahem* Moving on….

Fall is a historically a busy time for gaming and things are no different here at Aeria Now. The resoundingly positive reception by our beloved community of players regarding the Server 4 tournament in Caesary prompted us to launch another tournament involving iPad and in-game prizes along with the new Server 5. So really, if you play well enough in Caesary, we pay you to enjoy our fun browser MMO’s. Can Xbox say that?


Battling for the iPad

Battling for the iPad

Oh yeah, one more thing- thanks for the Facebook love! Since the recent creation of our Facebook fan page, we’ve received over 400 “Likes” from of all you. If you still haven’t done so, check out the Aeria Now Facebook Fan page and click “Like.” We post important announcements and other fun browser gaming goodies so go check it out.

That’s it for now, gamer fans. Check back next week for Aeria Now Developers Blog #5. We promise to bring you a few tidbits on some exciting browser games we may soon be adding to our portfolio….

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