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Development of the VR FPS “Genotype” is on track

Bolverk Games has reached a milestone by delivering the Alpha build to Meta
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Genotype is a VR escape-the-dungeon adventure coming out on Quest2 at the end of 2023. Taking place in Antarctica, the chilling sci-fi adventure presents players with a series of moral choices, interesting puzzles, various minigames, and fun new mechanics.

Having worked hard for several months and crunching for a week, Bolverk Games are proud to have delivered the important Alpha development milestone to Meta. This juncture means the game is now playable end-to-end, key game-play functionality is implemented, and assets are mostly completed.

“It’s been hard on the team leading up to the Alpha, so it’s nice to be on the other side of it. But they always deliver! Now, we can focus broader and get back to a more stable working rhythm,” says CEO Bo Bennekov.

Image: The team worked late into the evening on deadline day, squashing as many bugs as possible before delivery.

“The Alpha release marks the first time the game is playable from end to end. We now have a shared goal for the rest of the development. The sense of mutual understanding of the work left to make an awesome game is really important for the team, and we are dead sure that the end result will be a great product,” says CEO Bo Bennekov.

Things may very well still change in the game, but it now exists in a version that’s playable for external testers.

Signing up as a beta tester on the website is possible if you own a Quest2 headset. It’s also possible to sign up for the Genotype Newsletter or read the latest version here: GENOTYPE NEWS

Genotype: An atmospheric VR Sci-fi mystery for Quest 2
Print living organisms and use them to survive by wielding the GRAID gloves.
Hold life in your hands as you explore the icy depths of an abandoned gene research facility at the South Pole.

Explore the facility through the guidance of a mysterious survivor and unravel what happened here so many years ago.
Gain a better understanding of the creatures and organisms around you and adapt to survive.

You hold the planet's future in your hands - don't shake. And don't fear the penguin ...

Contact: [email protected]


See more images on or find us on Twitter and Discord (Bolverk Games).

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