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This time we asked GDC attendees what was the most interesting product they saw on the saw on the Expo floor. Read on for their replies.

Quang Hong, Blogger

March 26, 2004

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Daniel James
Three Rings

One of the most interesting things to me here is Big World. Mostly because that's my line of business and they're the market leader. It's actually a good middleware solution. A few friends of mine have used the prototype and it has received very high praise from other people. Although, the java stuff is interesting to me because we use Java but they ceaselessly annoy me as well.

Hays Clark
Art Lead
Omita Corporation

The animation tool that does the bone and muscle animation [Endorphin by Natural Motion]. It's the one where you can push on the character and it does a lot of the animation for you. It's pretty impressive but a little bit pricey still. I think it they changed their pricing model a lot of companies would start using it. Very impressive.

Andrew Grey
University of Advancing Technology (UAT)

The most interesting product would probably have to be the Eyetoy because of its potential in the future--the things that could come as a result of it. Right now I'm not real excited about it--who wants to wave and press dots? But I think the next evolution of it could be really exciting.

Nicholas Kee
Citrus College

I'd have to say Farcry. I've never seen that game before but it looks very realistic and it was a lot of fun to play.

Gabriel Smith
Composer/Sound Designer
G-J-S Productions

I'd say the N-Gage right behind us. It's wireless and it's the next level of games.

Howard Tomlinson

One of the most exciting things on the floor is Tapwave. We're getting a lot of exposure for a new Palm OS-based device that's very capable with very exciting products on it. It's based on an OS that we've already developed for and extending it to Tapwave hasn't been very difficult. One of the exciting things is that Palm OS was developed as an 'organizer' OS for business people and the fact that a company can come along and create a game-specific device using the same OS is great when game hardware development companies can come into the development space that we've been in before. So that excites me.

Peet Cooper
Concept Artist

The most impressive thing I saw on the show floor is Speedtree. It can produce a million trees onscreen moving simultaneously, functional with wind and everything. It's very, very impressive. Great stuff.

Gary Snethen
Crystal Dynamics

The most impressive thing I've seen so far is the Farcry demo over at the Nvidia booth, mainly because of the graphic aspect and some of the gameplay elements. It was just an eye-catcher and I thought it was quite impressive.

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