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Will Nintendo Switch kill the sales of 3DS /New 3DS console?

Will Nintendo Switch kill the sales of 3DS /New 3DS console? Let's analyze it !

Julia Williams, Blogger

March 1, 2017

4 Min Read

The Nintendo group will release a new video game console Nintendo Switch in 3 March 2017. As a fan of Nintendo games, just like 3DS games Pokemon, NDS games Mario and alos GBA games Zelda, i will buy also a Nintendo Switch, but will this new console kill the sales of Nintendo 3DS or New3DS ?

The sales of Nintendo 3DS 2016

Nintendo 3DS has arrived in the market more than 4 years, it has really a large users all over the world. Here is a sales calculated by vgchartz.com in 2016.






























We can see that Nintendo 3DS occupy the market, and Nintendo Switch isn't available. It is not easy for a new console to be sold more than 7 million yearly. So I think that Nintendo Switch won't kill Nintendo 3DS. And Nintendo says the Switch won’t replace the 3DS. In fact, 3DS has been hacked by SKY3DS+, so that we can play free 3DS or nds games on firmware 11.3.0-36. And this increase also the sales of Nintendo 3DS console.

Nintendo 3DS VS Nintendo Switch

1. The Price

One of the most major differentiators between Nintendo's Switch and 3DS consoles is the price tag. The Nintendo 3DS will set you back £180 without any games, or can also be picked up in bundles with the likes of the new Pokemon games included. The Switch will cost you a hundred pounds more, with an asking price of £280 without games. So Nintendo Switch is more expensive than Nintendo 3DS.

2. Multiplayer

One of the really attractive features of the Switch is its multiplayer friendliness. Sure, it’ll let you connect up to eight consoles for instant multiplayer fun, much like the 3DS XL. But the Switch also allows for multiplayer gaming action with other people that don’t own the console. Thanks to that smart Joy-Con controller which splits into two, you can enjoy two-player games with a mate on the move, using just the one Switch. The ingenious part is that the controller is already built into the device, so you don’t need to plan ahead by carrying more kit.

Meanwhile the kickstand on the console and the dual wireless controllers means the multiplayer experience is comfy too. Well, comfy for the winner at least.

3. The games

When it comes to sheer volume of games, the 3DS is easily the winner right now as it’s been around longer than the Switch. We have already played all this kind of games of Mario, Zelda and Pokémon. Moreover, there are all the older DS games that also work on the console for even more button-bashing brilliance.

While the Nintendo Switch might not have as many games, initially, it will be running full console quality titles. Here is a list of the titles in Switch:

Game title



Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Fighting, role-playing game


Dragon Quest X

Role-playing game

Square Enix



Electronic Arts

Fire Emblem

Turn-based strategy 

Intelligent Systems

Just Dance 2017


Ubisoft Paris

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Nintendo EPD

Lego Worlds


Traveller's Tales

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Kart racing

Nintendo EPD

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Role-playing game

Monolith Soft

Zombie Vikings



Sonic Mania


Headcannon PagodaWest Games Tantalus

Opinion of players

That's look at the opinions from the players.

" If the Switch doesn’t sell well, Nintendo will likely find a way to shove some games into the 3DS pipeline to keep that platform going. If, on the other hand, the Switch sells abnormally well and appears to be cannibalizing the 3DS market, it’ll have a plan to draw 3DS production to a graceful close." My personal issue is that I am hesitant to consider the Switch for purchase unless it IS going to replace the 3DS, so I feel caught between a rock and a hard place as well. --- Chris

I've been wanting a DS for the last few months, but I was waiting to learn more about Switch. With their track record of saying the DS wasn't replacing the Gameboy, I'm not sure what to believe. $300 is a lot. I don't want to waste money on a DS that might be gone soon. The DS is due for an upgrade. If there is nothing announced at E3, it's not happening. --- Daniel

So, Nintendo Switch won't be replace and kill the sales of Nintendo 3DS and New3DS console. Let's just waiting for the Nintendo Switch !

News: Now the Nintendo Switch has been hacked by a Xecuter SX Pro and OS, all the players can buy this flashcart on r4ib9s.com.

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