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Why Do People Love Playing Computer Games?

Why do people like playing computer or console games? And the advantages of the same. How these online games have impacted our lives and how they have become such integral part of our lives.

Shimei Sankati, Blogger

July 15, 2013

3 Min Read

How many times have you played a computer or console game in the past? We don’t all play them of course, but there are plenty of people who do. Some of us like computer games, and others love to power up their console and try one or two different games on there. Indeed many games are available for use on more than one platform, so whatever type of gaming machine or console you have, you can usually find the games you want to play.

But why do we love playing these games? What is it about them that makes these games so appealing? This is the topic we are going to focus on in more detail so you can see how people use them.

Some people like to play a game in the privacy of their own living room. The advent of consoles such as the Xbox and the Wii has made a big change in our lives in this way. But things have changed in other ways as well, not least because we can now make the most of them by connecting to the internet and playing with people in all kinds of different locations. The Xbox live 12 month option makes this a possibility and you can get ms points for playing online too. This makes it easier to play against all kinds of other people instead of playing on your own all the time.

There is no doubt the existence of the Xbox live 12 month subscription and the ms pointshave made a huge difference to the way we play games. If we were playing on our own the whole time there would be a limit to the amount of time we would be fully engaged with the game. However the idea of playing with someone who is in another location entirely is a major thrill. How would you react to playing your favorite game with an expert who lives in another country? The world has certainly become smaller since these consoles were able to connect to the internet.

Computer games of all kinds have become good to play because they take us out of our everyday lives. This is not to say we don’t enjoy our lives; rather it means we can enjoy some downtime so we can relax and focus on something different. We can actually learn new skills via these games too, since there are so many games available in different formats.

In any event we can make the most of these games and introduce them into our lives in small doses. Being able to go online and connect to other people who enjoy the same games is just a bonus, and one that many people are enjoying nowadays. There was a time when we couldn’t play these games but now we have a bigger and better choice than ever. So if you haven’t yet got connected to get the results you want, perhaps now is the time to give these games a try.

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Shimei Raj S. 

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