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Warren Spector To Found Junction Point Studios

Following the <a href="/php-bin/news_index.php?story=4946">final nail in the coffin of Ion Storm</a>, Warren Spector revealed his new studio and project at the Game Devel...

Nich Maragos, Blogger

March 10, 2005

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Following the final nail in the coffin of Ion Storm, Warren Spector revealed his new studio and project at the Game Developers Convention in San Francisco. Spector, whose work in the past includes Ultima Underworld,, System Shock, Thief, and Deus Ex, has been without an announced project since the Austin-based Ion Storm's closure in February 2005. The new development house, called Junction Point, is based out of Austin, TX, where Ion Storm was formerly also located. The Junction Point studio is largely composed of ex-Ion Storm staff as well; currently numbering 12 employees, the team includes executive VP Art Min, who previously worked with Spector at Looking Glass Studios. Though Spector was reluctant to give details of Junction Point's debut title when speaking to Gamespot, he did say that it would be a fantasy game. The project's genre, target platform, release date, and potential publisher are still unknown; Spector would only say that the game would incorporate some new ideas of his.

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