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Virtual Reality: The Story Behind The Buzz

Virtual reality is obviously the biggest buzz-phrase that made waves in 2016 with a range of mind-blowing and incredibly lucrative discoveries. No, doubt the impossible is seemingly made possible with VR app development taking the front stage.

Kenneth Evans, Blogger

October 31, 2017

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With this technology, users (viewers) can be instantly transported to another location in place or time by simply strapping on a headset that apparently looks like a pair of skiing eyeglasses. While some may consider this to be a much-invested-in, much-talked-about or much-hyped tale, there are already certain innovations happening around the world that are presenting viewers with a much more elaborate experienced removed from both time and space.

No doubt virtual reality app development is already becoming the future. Big companies like Sony and Facebook are already keying into this trend to create their own hardware which is certainly going to be affordable for even the common user. Actually, the new VR is something to pay critical attention to, now that the technological kinks have been relatively settled.

From the look of things, the way people watch sport could be changing forever, thanks to the advanced virtual reality and multiscreen technology making the waves. With Sony’s Morpheus headset making the rounds and Facebook’s Oculus Rift rightly on the way, here are a few common areas virtual reality (VR) is changing the world today.

Improving quality of life

For one reason or the other, there are many people out there who are unable to effectively live a normal life. These are people who deserve to be able to explore, live in, and experience the wonder of the world and even beyond. As a matter of fact, these refer to people living with disabilities. Unfortunately, these people have been ostracized from the awesome wonders of the world for a long time. But thanks to VR, they are now being able to experience many of those things most able-bodied people took for granted. What a brilliant way of taking everyone along!

Teaching people to fly

Though man has learned to fly a long time ago, virtual reality is now teaching people new ways to spread their wings and get to the sky. With a lot more immersive and realistic approach, people are already learning to hone their skills and do something worth soaring. That technology is VR. Though you may think it’s not real, you can now take the role of a spaceship pilot in any flight simulator and begin to see yourself doing what professional pilots do. Before now, this could only ever be achieved as a help but with this new level of immersion, anyone can now get involved with something that is actually based on reality.

Space exploration

People had been learning so much about space both formally and informally but not everyone has been able to see beyond the big blue sky. But thanks to virtual reality (VR) which is now offering a fun and interesting means of exploring space. Anyone can make use of a Google Maps-style interface to fly around space and experience what once seemed impossible. Now, like never before, the use of a VR headset is allowing for an exciting space exploration experience as scientists seek effective ways to relate realistic information on earth moving and navigation. Before sending its equipment to the great black unknown, all a space agency needs to do is to place cameras all over it so viewers can have a better view of space and its environment through their VR headsets.


Rather than practice with the cadavers of people who have donated or left their bodies to medical science, surgeons in training are now perfecting their techniques on things other than real humans which is obviously much better and safer. With VR app development, there is now an emergence of better-trained, better-performing surgeons who are simply making use of a VR interface to perform surgeries and correcting a selection of ailments on fully-interactive, accurately modeled specimens which is now better and safer for everyone.

Visiting places

When Google Maps were first launched, it was more or less compulsive to take a look around the world. But with the recent strides achieved with virtual reality app development, performing the same action is now becoming much more immersive. Even without getting into the building potential home buyers are using VR to take a quick view a property offered them by estate agents. Without even having to step out from the comfort of your home, you can use VR to have a preview of what you are interested in. This technology also allows for the performance of remote tours for people unable to gain access to the main building.

Watching films

One of the most common responsibilities handled by any top app development companies are the creation of apps with VR immersive capabilities. The possibility of movies employing these capabilities is an aspect of the development process that is already taking the front stage. It has been widely spoken about and the stage has already been set. Now, people are aspiring to experience a movie world (the true 3D) in which they can look around as they see fit. While paying attention to whatever they choose to, viewers are now being able to get a close look at the action and thrills from different perspectives. Now that the possibility is already here, the filming world would surely be transformed forever.


Gaming is one major aspect of innovation where VR app development is most-demonstrated. No doubt, virtual reality holds a strong dominance in the gaming world. Already, a bunch of titles has been released by Oculus to support it while Sony’s headset is on the verge of creating a range of games that will support the development process. Obviously, not all games will be employing this technology any moment soon, however, it is very much likely that VR will offer an impressive, immersive, and intense experience that will bring gaming to a whole new level of improved excellence.

Journalism and Empathy

At the moment, VR is potentially the ultimate empathy machine. Top organizations like UN are already using this technology to create empathy films which have proven to be very successful at raising awareness and even boosting revenue. Journalists and media companies are also embracing the use of VR technology deliver 360-degree videos to their viewers as part of their news services.

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