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The Value of a Game Coverage Report

Keeping your game's publicity in one place is not rocket science. This entry is about the value of a coverage report and how it can save you some precious time.

Maryna Petrenko, Blogger

August 5, 2013

1 Min Read

This entry first appeared at www.prninjaapp.com. Do you know why? Well, it is simple: PRninja is a free do-it-yourself PR and marketing tool for iPad. And I created it.

A coverage report is a spreadsheet you create with any press coverage your game received before or during your release campaign. There are two ways to produce a coverage report: you can either start it when your game got its first coverage, and continue updating it throughout the duration of your campaign, or you can wait until your campaign ends and then complete it. I personally prefer to update it every day – it helps me to be up-to-date with the ratings and feedback the game receives. Feedback from members of the media is highly valuable: it sheds light on potential problems with your game and helps you to improve it.

I also like to keep a coverage report updated regularly because it enables me to use fresh coverage for promoting the game I am working on: I can share with the game’s followers on the corporate blog, Facebook, and Twitter, and use excerpts to reinforce the game’s description on the App Store and company’s website. Below is an example of how I organize a coverage report. Got any ideas on how to improve it?


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