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Sponsor Message: Techexcel Presents Next-Gen Development Net Seminar

In a streaming video 'net seminar' to be broadcast in association with Gamasutra this Wednesday, game tool company TechExcel (makers of <a href="http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=11876">Front Line Award-nominated</a> issue tracking sof

March 13, 2007

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In a streaming video 'net seminar' to be broadcast in association with Gamasutra this Wednesday, game tool company TechExcel (makers of Front Line Award-nominated issue tracking software Devtrack) will discuss next-generation gaming trends with the help of a Forrester Research expert. The speakers for the event are Paul Jackson, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, appearing alongside Paul Unterberg, Product Manager, TechExcel, and the session is described as follows: "The Game Software Development industry has changed dramatically over the last 25 years, but none as quickly as in the last five where realistic, intelligence and interactive gaming has become part of the psyche more than ever before. Just a few years ago, a five-person team could take few months to develop and release a best-selling title; today's complex projects require millions of dollars and hundreds of team members. Increasing demands from publishers, changing technologies, a combination of licensed and internally developed engines, ever growing webs of art assets, and a myriad of deadlines, milestones, and deliverables add to the barrage of realism that is crucial for success in this highly-competitive field. Due to the resource demands of Next Generation development, core technologies have become essential to the development of any title. A centralized repository of assets, engines, code, and designs allow every development effort to be empowered by those that came before it. This allows teams to be more flexible and work on tighter schedules while delivering higher quality releases. This very same core technology, however, can also slow development processes if the system used to track issues does not scale for multiple teams. Join Paul Jackson, senior analyst, Forrester Research, as he explores the trends in social computing and the Game Industry and what will affect publishers in the next 12 – 18 months. During this web seminar you will: * Discover what the analysts are predicting for this dynamic and ever-changing industry * Uncover the five issues affecting game publishers today * Find out how accurate communication between different teams who own different modules is possible today * Learn how to automate integration streams and view the dependencies on modules * Explore how development teams can work together in more efficient and effective ways around the idea of core technologies through TechExcel DevTrack Enterprise Edition features." Full information and sign-up specifics for the streaming video session, which will take place at 9:00 AM PDT on Wednesday, March 14, are available on the Gamasutra net.seminar website.

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